Station: [3] The Roll Call Square

  • The Roll Call Square
  • Historical drawing: Roll Call Square

You are standing in the middle of a large square you find yourselves standing on upon entering. Take a look around! We were impressed by the sheer size of it and its atmosphere. The square covers 7000 square meters.

This is where roll calls took place several times a day, every day. The prisoners were gathered here in the morning, at noon and in the evening to be counted. In cases when the numbers were not correct, which happened often, they had to stand here for hours regardless of the weather. This is also the place where punishments and executions were carried out.

In late 1940 prisoners assigned to a special work detail paved the square themselves. It took them approximately six months to finish.

The roll call square is one of the few things which were rebuilt in the area. This was very significant for many former concentration camp prisoners because it was this place that played an essential role in their daily routine at the time and determined their lives to a great extent. A part of the original roll call square was uncovered after the demolition of a post-war era  building and you can see it if you go forward, and to your left toward the third rows of stones. You can recognize the original stone slabs by the fact that they are bigger, rougher and partly broken. Look around slowly, you will recognize them when you see them.

Now walk towards the long rows of wire cages with stones located to your left when you are standing with your back to the entrance. Please play the next track when you are there.