Station: [34] Andreas Slominski, The Car Park, 2007

  • Andreas Slominski, Der Parkplatz, 2007

Why are things as they are? This question leads us directly to Andreas Slominski's Der Parkplatz. The economy of means that is evident here was already characteristic of earlier works by the artist (b.1959 in Meppen), who has twice participated in the Venice Biennale. Now comes this cunningly simple Der Parkplatz, almost crazy, given the elaborate working process it involved. For the paving was first only laid round the edges, and was then completed by a workman lying under the car. But the absurdity of the relationship of his works - such as Tierfallen - to their titles, ultimately leads to the question, "What is art?" The same question as is posed - not without irony - by his installations and performances.

Andreas Slominski

The Car Park, 2007

Cobblestones, sand 

Posession of the artist

© Stiftung Skulpturenpark Köln, 2015, Photo: Tom May